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Lin long, sales manager of Liugong Thailand: learning and innovation cannot be less

Lin long, sales manager of Liugong Thailand: learning and innovation cannot be less

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Asia Pacific market visit series one: Thailand

excellent sales manager: Lin long

selling overseas. For a young person, growth is rapid and obvious, It is vividly reflected in Lin long, the sales manager stationed in Thailand by Liugong

shuttle through the dealer's office areas, and can freely switch between English, Thai and Chinese to communicate with the staff of the dealer's business modules. Here, the local people have even regarded him as a local...

from the young man who entered the Thai market in early 2013, he can now freely deal with all kinds of issues in Liugong's Thai market. For five years, Lin long has grown into an excellent regional manager in Liugong's overseas market

one is unwilling to take root in Thailand

Lin long, who just graduated from school in 2011, joined Liugong International Department as a product planner. During the two years of working at the grass-roots level, the cumbersome work content and the relatively fast changing pace of work made him also shake his original determination. But with indomitable spirit and sincere original intention, I finally chose to stay at the grass-roots level and practice my basic skills

in May 2013, Lin long got an opportunity to work abroad with his good performance in the grass-roots work of internal service. When facing the career fork of opportunity and challenge, he did not retreat, but chose to firmly seize this opportunity. In the next two months, he used his spare time every day to study the business knowledge of the new post to improve the performance of waterproof materials. His goals and efforts have also been supported and encouraged by his girlfriend. Through my hard work, I successfully passed the exam two months later. Then he became a member of the overseas sales team and was stationed in the Thai market in the Asia Pacific region

Lin long clearly remembered that it was his first time abroad. In the scorching July in Thailand, the outdoor temperature has soared to more than 40 degrees. When I came to the dormitory, I encountered water and power cuts, and came out hungry to find food. When I met local residents who could not speak English, they could only compete and row. The beginning of this "Thai embarrassment" did not undermine Lin Long's confidence in his efforts to integrate into the Thai market. At work, under the guidance and leadership of the manager, he went to many markets and customers, insisted on sorting out the visit and investigation materials twice a week, and at the same time, he had to find Thai colleagues to translate the Thai materials into English, and then translate them into Chinese to record them. It took him a week to make a report, And because of the knowledge of industrial products marketing, the following problem is: how to reduce the excess plastic produced by the failure of the printing machine due to the rise and fall of the national billet market on the 6th day of 3D printing? Fortunately, he lacked it. At that time, he felt it was really hard to work. He once thought of giving up, but the spirit of being afraid of tigers made him unwilling. He thought that others could do well, so why couldn't he. So he kept learning and studying marketing books, so as to lay a solid theoretical foundation for future marketing work. In order to overcome the language barrier, after consulting with his wife, he decided to study Thai at his own expense in a local language training institution

in this way, "a unwilling" young man went deep into the Thai market. Through continuous practical efforts and accumulation of practical experience, he won the trust of dealers and customers, gradually integrated into the Thai market, and became a "PHS" in Liugong's Thai market

maximize personal value and customer demand

when Lin long stationed in the Thai market in the second half of 2013, it was at the peak of the sales of Liugong equipment in the Thai market. Since the beginning of 2014, due to political factors, the demand of the construction machinery industry has plummeted. "If the market is bad, then learn and visit more customers." Lin long has always believed that rather than complaining about the objective environment, it is better to wait in the downturn and fluctuations and save for learning

during the two or three years of downturn in the Thai market, through continuous market research, customer visits, and close cooperation with dealers, Lin long began to think about the integration with dealers, which is not only based on the interests of all parties, but also on mutual trust, so as to solve practical problems for dealers quickly, efficiently and accurately; For customers, we should stand on the perspective of customers and guide customers to accept and recognize Liugong brand through customer value-added programs

however, it is far more difficult than we thought to go deep into the market and understand customer needs. One of the cases is still fresh in the memory of Lin long. According to market research, there is a customer with great influence in the engineering industry, who has continuous equipment demand but has prejudice against Chinese brands. Through many visits and exchanges, Lin long learned about their purchasing needs and discussed with team members to develop a targeted marketing plan. After continuous tracking for more than a year, the customer finally purchased 15 excavators from Liugong at one time. During this period, many well-known brands in the same industry at home and abroad also participated in the competition, but finally Liu Gong's marketing service plan and perseverance won the trust of customers

through continuous efforts, the Thai market of Liugong has become a prominent market in the Asia Pacific market of Liugong with the joint efforts of Lin long and his colleagues

innovative business model, cooperation and value creation

the development and sustainable development of a market is not only the purchase and sale of equipment, but also the building of services and brands behind it, so as to win long-term development. The cooperation between Liugong and Thai dealers has been going smoothly for nearly eight years, but Lin long and his team members have their own thoughts on how to continue to go deep into the market and seek more development space. They believe that first of all, services should be strengthened and refined, which is the basis for providing customers with continuous value-added; At the same time, it is also innovating on the business model. "After sales service has always been one of the biggest selling points of Liugong equipment in the Thai market. The service points and service capabilities of dealers have been highly praised by customers." In terms of business model innovation, Lin long believes that in the current value creation link, we need to further optimize the allocation of resources and increase the vitality of channels through innovation and the cooperation mode of business partners

indeed, selling is like fighting a war. Methods are very important, and surprise is the best way to win. The potential of Thai construction machinery market is still huge. We need to have a bigger mind, flexible strategies and innovative thinking to embrace such opportunities

opportunities are everywhere. Are you ready for the key? In Lin Long's view, learning and innovation are very important at any time. Only by improving personal ability can we add value to customers. As long as the direction is right, we must persevere. In this way, opportunities will not be missed

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