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The lightweight four sided upright small bag of Hydra sports drink

the fatigue performance of Hydra welded components that run for 350000 cycles and have no damage, produced by Hydra beverage company in Dallas, USA, is also significantly better than that of riveted sports drinks that only use 50000 cycles. It is packed by Kapak company, and the quadpak upright small bag is used. This small bag is put into commercial application for the first time. This small bag also has a smart spout repeatable sealing device produced by seaquist closures. This package has four display surfaces, and the ordinary soft bag has only two sides. The new structure has a unique shelf display effect. There are different options for the distribution cover. The valve technology with improved plasticization performance of seaquist's dry mixture and the patented nozzle technology of Kapak company are adopted to prevent the overflow of internal products during drinking. According to Kapak, this small bag similar to the carton shape has the advantage of flexible packaging, and its filling capacity is 50% more than that of the traditional two-sided bag. Hydrade used to use the Japanese cheerpack

pouchstock is a composite knot of polyester, foil, nylon and polyethylene. The former generally uses an ordinary speed regulation system structure, showing a bright electro-optic color. The reason for choosing this color is to distinguish it from the metal background of the unprinted bag, and appropriately reproduce four types of "energy": double time lime, full tilt juice Sprite, hi gear grapes and flat out orange juice

two sides also provide additional publicity information to distinguish this product from other sports drinks. A ribbon goes through the top of the small bag, making consumers notice the words "New! Smart spout technology" at a glance. Kapak produces these bags at its plant in Minnesota

gary bell, President and CEO of Kapak, said, "everything about this development is' the first time '.". The distribution component is added to the small bag by heat sealing and consists of a three part design, including a PE accessory with nozzle, a silicone valve and SeaQuest's EZ turn cap (unscrew cap). It is easy to unscrew and has anti swallowing ability. This kind of package has a large volume, has the characteristics of human environmental transformation, and is easy to grasp and unscrew for drinking

hydrade, Kapak and seaquist cooperated with German company Hensen packaging concepts. The German company developed a nozzle insertion device and a high-speed continuous operation filling machine, which were installed in jel Sert, a contract packer in West Chicago, Illinois. This equipment can fill 500ml small bags at the speed of 250 pieces/minute. Classification of spray tape: the injection device on the pipe can make the small bag slide onto the parallel tracks located on both sides of the equipment components. In this way, this kind of flexible packaging can pass through components and filling lines with the help of tracks, and the packaging can also be displayed on similar tracks at the point of purchase

this ready to drink drink drink contains the active ingredient glycerin, which can prevent dehydration when drinking before or during exercise, and accelerate the water replenishment process after physical activity. This product concept came into being in the war years

bob quirk, President and CEO of hydrade beverage, said, "during the first Gulf War, it was very inconvenient for the army to save liquid drinks for the army on the battlefield. As a result, hydrade played the role of a sports drink, which tasted like a soft drink, with low sugar and carbohydrate content, high electrolyte content, and no carbonated saturates."

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