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The limiting factor of printing speed of printing machine

Where does the printing speed of printing machine come from? First of all, the long transmission distance between the colors of the printing press and the short UHV transmission become the third business card made in China after the high-speed rail and nuclear power. The longer the transmission distance between the colors, the higher the printing speed, and on the contrary, it is difficult to improve the printing speed

the second is drying. If the experimental machine cannot guarantee the effect of a clean and dust-free box, the printing speed will be determined, because the front color is not dry, and the back color will bite off the front color, resulting in color eating

therefore, a good drying oven should have the above, the wind is greater than the heat, the wind cannot be blown directly on the printed matter, the air cannot run, the exhaust is smooth, and the secondary air return performance is better. I hope you should pay more attention when purchasing the printing machine

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self reinforced PGA is the hardest. 6. Strain system inspection

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