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Lightning protection measures for weak current machine rooms in intelligent residential areas

with the rapid development of China's national economy, a large number of intelligent residential areas have emerged in cities. The so-called intelligent residential area refers to the application of information communication, computer and automatic control technologies to residential areas, through effective information transmission network, optimal configuration and comprehensive application of various systems, to provide residents with advanced security, information services, property management and other functions, in order to create a safe, comfortable, convenient and efficient living space for residents. Therefore, the safe operation of weak current system, the core of intelligent community, has become a problem that the management department pays more attention to. In recent years, the economic losses caused by the damage of weak current equipment have increased year by year. Therefore, it is very necessary to take comprehensive and perfect lightning protection measures for the weak current machine room in the intelligent residential area

I. the harm of lightning stroke to weak current equipment

lightning stroke is a natural phenomenon, which can explain 5 The exposed moving parts of the instrument should be cleaned regularly with gasoline to release huge energy, which has strong destructive power. Lightning will cause various forms of harm, causing damage to buildings and casualties. The harm of lightning stroke to electronic equipment can be caused not only by direct lightning stroke, but also by the current surge induced in the power supply and communication lines when lightning strikes. Induction electromagnetic pulse) enters the electronic equipment along the power line and signal line, resulting in communication interruption, data loss and equipment damage

II. Shady field measures

German lightning protection expert sismanki gave a preliminary alignment of the modern computer network in his book overvoltage protection and theory. 4. The preliminary alignment of the main body: the lightning protection frame diagram can be at two different positions vertically and horizontally of the two columns. From this frame diagram, it can be seen that the lightning protection measures for weak current equipment are divided into two parts: external lightning protection and internal lightning protection

1. External lightning protection

external lightning protection mainly refers to the lightning protection of the main body of the building, which is generally the lightning protection measures taken to prevent buildings or facilities from direct lightning damage. It mainly uses the downlead to lead the lightning current to the grounding body through the lightning arrester (including lightning arrester, lightning strip, lightning rod, etc.) and discharge the lightning current to the earth. According to the requirements of the code for lightning protection of buildings, the lightning current is introduced into the earth time dispersive lightning current. The external lightning protection measures have been very perfect, so I won't repeat them here

2. Internal lightning protection

the concept of zoning lightning protection described in the international standard 0ec61312-1 has been proved to be reasonable and effective. The basic idea of this theory is to gradually reduce the overvoltage to a harmless level before it reaches the terminal equipment and causes damage. From the outside to the inside, lightning protection zones (lpzs) are defined as follows:

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lpz0a: areas outside buildings that are not protected by external protection devices. May suffer from direct lightning, and there is no shielding against lightning electromagnetic pulse

lpz0b: areas protected by external lightning protection devices outside the building. There is no shielding protection in lightning magnetic pulse)

lpz1: internal area of the building. There is the possibility of a small part of lightning energy entering

lpz2: internal area of the building. There is a possibility of low surge overvoltage entering

lpz3: internal area of building (or metal shell of equipment). There is no interference caused by lightning magnetic pulse, and there is no surge overvoltage

from the above, it can be seen that lightning protection carries out multi-level protection from outside to inside. Zone 0 is a direct lightning strike area, which is the most dangerous. It is protected by an external lightning protection system. The more you go to the interior of the building, the safer it is and the less chance of damage. Therefore, we install surge suppressors where one partition enters another partition, and install surge suppressors of corresponding levels according to the specific requirements of different partitions

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