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For example, pulp molding enterprises should be market-oriented and user-oriented to avoid another tragedy. An important policy shift after China's accession to the WTO is to speed up the market access mechanism and reduce the government's administrative intervention in accordance with the requirements of the world trade organization. A few years ago, the tragedy of pulp molding products and equipment should be avoided on honeycomb paperboard. It is understood that at present, less than 5% of the hundreds of pulp molding production lines in China are still in normal operation. The vast majority of pulp molding enterprises have been shut down and transferred, and many of them have been burdened with heavy debts. For several years, the "white ban" orders of relevant government departments have been issued one after another, but up to now, foam lunch boxes are still in common use, while paper lunch boxes are difficult to find. There are many similar things: ultra thin plastic bags are still used correctly, and EPS foaming materials are not only not extinct in the packaging of electrical products, but also intensified. It seems that Marx's famous saying is still not out of date: "the criticism of weapons cannot replace the weapons of criticism, and material forces still need to be solved with materials."

the market decides everything. No matter how advanced the technology, perfect the function and environmental protection function are, it is useless for products without a market. Don't you see, Motorola's multi billion dollar iridium plan has fallen into disrepute, and the high-end 3G technology has made Datang Telecom, which claims to have independent intellectual property rights, heavily indebted. This can't help but frighten people

to develop honeycomb paperboard, we should start from small things, start from practical things, and shout less slogans. China's market is very large, but why can't such a small product be tolerated in such a large market? It seems that no matter how big the market is, it does not mean that you can enjoy it. The major users of honeycomb paperboard in Guangdong and other places are not packaging, but furniture. Those things that look like solid wood furniture are actually pasted with leather wood grain with honeycomb paperboard, which not only saves a lot of wood, but also about 300000 tons of retail places such as supermarkets bring huge profits to furniture factories

take the arithmetic mean value of the diameter measured at three places. It is suggested that the relevant departments of machinery and electronics, construction, light industry, export trade, storage and transportation should vigorously promote honeycomb paperboard from the perspective of saving wood, protecting funds, and reducing the sources of harm to human health and the ecological environment. At present, we should focus on the application of automobiles (accessories), motorcycles, glasses, hardware and electrical appliances

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