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Pulping and papermaking technology innovation without region and service globalization - service support of kaiden foundations' all-round solutions for fiber processing

pulping and papermaking technology innovation without region and service globalization - service support of kaiden foundations' all-round solutions for fiber processing

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good pulp makes good paper, good iron casts good steel. Pulping equipment is a key part of the paper production line, which directly determines the quality of the finished paper. Since entering the Chinese market in the 1980s, Kaideng company has been highly praised by users in the field of slurry preparation and delivery system with its rich production experience and localized service concept. The OCC pulping equipment of Kaideng company has a market share of more than 70% in China, and can provide customers with a high-quality production line that is more than 20% energy-saving than traditional systems, with extremely low fiber loss

Kaideng technical service and support team is ready to provide customers with high-quality services at any time, and provide excellent guidance for customers' pulping production line system planning, design, engineering, installation and startup. With the experience and innovative spirit of several generations of experts, Kaideng has achieved success in the global pulping field, and has helped customers successfully install and operate thousands of pulping production line equipment. The pulping quality is stable, and the pulping capacity reaches or even exceeds the design capacity. The production and manufacturing base set up by Kaideng in Jining enables Kaideng to quickly and effectively serve its partners in the pulp and paper industry, so as to ensure the continuous high-yield of partners and the high-performance operation of equipment

Kaideng pulp experts are committed to using their excellent professional knowledge to provide reliable services to pulp and paper customers in an affinity and flexible manner. Kaideng pulping institute can guarantee customers to provide timely and high-quality services at the right and reasonable time! No matter what kind of communication language the customer uses, and no matter where the customer's factory is located, Kaideng pulping has the most appropriate experts on standby to meet the various needs of customers

"since the establishment of the project, kaiden has always maintained professional and detailed communication with us. With kaiden's powerful advanced technology and perfect solutions, the performance of the equipment in this line has been further improved. The pulping quality is stable, and the pulping capacity has reached and exceeded the design capacity, showing the consistent superior performance of kaiden."

- Yiwu Yinan paper industry

"paper mills all over the world tend to choose kaiden foundations' cornerstone fiber processing comprehensive solution as the preferred solution to meet their demanding performance goals. Kaiden service team's understanding of customer needs, excellent and efficient service quality"

- kaiden headquarters service director

"In May 2020, during the on-site service inspection of Fujian Liansheng pm5/pm6, Kaideng professional service team put forward suggestions to optimize the loss of slag discharge slurry. Kaideng sales and application department designed targeted upgrading and transformation schemes according to the characteristics of on-site slurry line equipment, and the service personnel (3) The power supply voltage fluctuated little. After the comprehensive optimization and adjustment of the pulping low concentration desander system after the transformation, the ash content of the desander reached and exceeded the expectations of customers, and was recognized and praised by leaders at all levels of Liansheng paper industry, which is widely used in the shell, blade, exterior decoration and other accessories of household appliances. "

- Kaideng pulping China Service Manager

as one of the key technical services of Kaideng foundations' cornerstone fiber, which should choose a comprehensive solution for maintenance and processing according to the model of the user's experimental machine, Kaideng is proficient in how to ensure that the customer's investment is competitive, how to extend the life cycle of the pulping production line, ensure the smooth operation of the pulping equipment, and improve the performance of the pulping equipment. Looking forward to the future, Kaideng will continue to provide customers with innovative technologies, solutions and high-quality services, help customers improve efficiency, enhance sustainable development capacity, and lead the development of pulp and paper market

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