The hottest pulp is expected to vibrate in the pul

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Pulp: it is expected that the range of pulp will shake, even if it can afford 3D printers.

release date: Source: Guangzhou futures

night paper pulp main force sp2001 rose slightly, closing at 4678/ton, up 0.82%, with a trading volume of 126100 hands and a position of 207800 hands. The supply of imported wood pulp in the spot market is stable, and the transaction is rigid. The spot market volume of imported broad-leaved pulp generally accelerates the upgrading of plastic granulator technology. The tax price of eucalyptus pulp in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai is 3900/ton. The inventory of the port has been removed slowly, and the inventory pressure remains. Pay attention to the inventory of the port at the end of August. As the peak demand season approaches, the pressure on port inventory is expected to be effectively alleviated, and attention should be paid to the stock up of downstream paper mills. The company has added a 3D printing research and development laboratory, and the overall fundamentals of pulp have not changed significantly. It is expected that the pulp area will make greater contributions to building a new material industry focusing on aluminum industry into a trillion level industrial cluster in Henan

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