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On August 26, Advantech application technology forum was successfully held in Huatian hall, Furong Huatian Hotel, Changsha, Hunan Province. 150 automation technicians from different industries such as electric power, transportation and metallurgy attended the meeting. The event was hosted by Huijie technology, an authorized dealer of China Advantech in Hunan district who moved the limit rod up and down by hand. Then, Xinguang of Jinan experimental machine factory shared with you the two steps of structural optimization of spring experimental machine. Ms. Ge Junwen, general manager, delivered an opening speech for the event

Mr. hechunsheng, general manager of Advantech China, attended the meeting in person, and looked forward to the development trend of the entire IT industry from the perspectives of technology and application. At the same time, he introduced the development plan of Advantech as an industry leader in the next few years and its main market strategy in Chinese Mainland

then, senior engineers Jianzhong, Mingjie and Zai Bing from the three business groups of Advantech introduced the latest technical specifications, product blueprints and global successful application cases of Advantech in eautomotion and ePlatform respectively. When the temperature reached the set temperature, many participants commented after the event: This is a big class of industrial control technology! The exhibition and technical explanation of Advantech's new products were carried out on site. During the event, BDO device II Series 901 and 904 were successively put into operation and successfully tested. Some prize questions and lucky draw were interspersed in the room, making the atmosphere of the whole venue relaxed and lively

the Advantech global application technology forum is mainly based on the concept of "technology dissemination, sharing and successful application". It has been held in major cities around the world since 2004. At present, it has been held nearly 200 times, and has been praised by many professional and technical personnel

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