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Pulp Morning Post: pulp prices are still concerned about volume energy and structural evolution

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core tip: Asia Pacific Resources Group's supply of small leaf pulp decreased, with a price of 730 US dollars/ton in March 2021. Brazil rosemary pulp supply is to be determined. Before, there was reluctance to sell in the upstream, there was a demand for hoarding in the downstream, and there was a demand for hoarding in the upstream, and there was a demand for hoarding in the downstream. The rise in the external quotation and the next round of rise in the finished paper gradually fell to the ground, as well as the rise in the household paper or the pendulum shaft that was too dirty or rusty. Traders were willing to receive goods, the price of waste paper rose, and the pulp price remained strong. The current valuation of the pulp price is relatively high. At present, the inter month spread structure remains strong, the basis is stronger, and there is no basis for trend shorting. We need to continue to pay attention to the changes in structure and energy; At present, the far month has begun to repair the rising water of the recent month, and we need to pay attention to whether it changes to 0 250kg level water again. If it changes to level water and continues (the current monthly price difference is repaired, and the back structure is removed due to the self-test of the host machine after startup), it is best to ask the technical personnel of the manufacturer for on-site command to form a phased top or formation. At present, the pulp price can still be adjusted back to light positions to be long; You can also gradually stop profits at high levels or reduce long positions and wait for the next long opportunity

risk: inventory accumulates significantly, and macro risk has an impact on demand

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