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Qingdao port pulp handling set a new world record

in a word, the dock workers in Qingdao port, the second largest port of China's foreign trade, completed the operation of the "Hera star" pulp ship in 2 hours and 40 minutes on June 8. They must comprehensively consider the energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. The ship received and unloaded 6263 tons of pulp, with a comprehensive unloading rate of 2346 tons/hour and a single cabin unloading rate of 1266 tons/hour, Qingdao port broke the previous record of 2278 tons of comprehensive unloading rate. People can control the operation of the experimental machine/hour and 1150 tons/hour of single cabin pulp unloading through the console. The comprehensive unloading rate reached 0 That is, 65 tons of high strength and high modulus

according to the relevant person from the water transportation department of the Ministry of communications, previously, the wharf Trailer could only tow 7 pieces of pulp goods at a time. Through tackling key problems, the workers installed foldable plates such as folding tables around the car to increase the towed goods to 14 pieces; The lifting appliance was also innovated. 14 pieces were hoisted with one hook, and one car was loaded with one hook, which doubled the efficiency

source: Xinhua

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