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Silk printing shows great vitality in the packaging market

silk printing is called universal printing. It can print on various printing materials, such as silk printing of various plastics, textiles, metals, glass, ceramics and other materials, and silk printing of Commerce, advertising, decoration, art, construction, publishing, printing and dyeing, electronics and other industries. In short, silk printing can be carried out on any shaped object, regardless of its size, thickness, soft, hard, curved surface and plane. Therefore, since the 1970s, silk printing has developed all over the world

since the 1980s, due to the accelerated research and development of materials, equipment and processes for silk printing, silk printing has played an advantage in the competition with flexographic printing, offset printing and gravure printing. It increases by 7% every year. With the further deepening of China's reform and opening-up policy, the development of industry and agriculture, the improvement of the living standards of nearly 1.3 billion people, and the rise of purchasing power, it is expected that China in the Zhou century will become the largest printing market in the world. There is no doubt that silk printing will play a huge role

first, there will be more markets for silk printing in the commercial advertising application

the brand awareness of Chinese consumers is gradually strengthened. Some large companies, especially electrical appliance companies, tobacco and alcohol companies, attach great importance to the role of advertising in order to promote their own image. The time and quality of advertising determine the market share of the company to a certain extent. Therefore, various electrical advertisements, packaging advertisements, outdoor advertisements, solid advertisements and commercial advertisements provide a broad space for silk printing

in business competition, large-scale outdoor advertisements are valued because of their wide vision and good effect. Therefore, with the development of commodity advertising, large-scale color outdoor advertising in China has increasingly shown a large number. The advantages of low price, bright colors, long shelf life and fast delivery have been recognized by more and more planning departments and advertising management departments in large and medium-sized cities, attracting many advertisers. For example, walking along the streets of Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang, Wuhan, Chengdu, Kunming and other cities, especially the subway channels in Beijing, the large format color advertisements printed are colorful and can be seen everywhere. No wonder in recent years, large format color printers and supporting equipment are in short supply in China

the potential market of Chinese print commercials is huge, and print commercials will continue to develop at a high speed in the next 10 years

second, silk printing shows great vitality in the packaging market

in recent years, silk printing has occupied a certain market in the packaging industry. Many offset printing plants make use of the advantages of silk printing, such as thick ink layer, strong coverage, and a wide range of printing materials. Adding printing equipment to the original equipment, giving play to the two advantages of offset printing and printing, large-scale packaging printing, also promoted the development of the packaging industry

according to the data, the Asian packaging market has developed rapidly, and among many Asian countries, China's packaging industry has grown the fastest, with an annual growth rate of 20% - 30% since 1990. At this rate, China's total packaging output value in 2000 is expected to reach US $27 billion to US $28 billion. There is no doubt that the continuous development and application of silk printing technology will better serve the packaging industry, contribute to the prosperity of the packaging industry, and bring a broader market to the silk screen scraping industry

like printing high-end packaging boxes, bottles, pharyngeal bags, wine bags. In particular, the super large outer packaging and the external decoration of products will also appear in front of customers as the goods are about to flow into the market. If we use silk screen printing technology to print gorgeous pictures on the shells of large electrical products, these products decorated with large shells will be favored by customers no matter where they are placed in the mall. Play an irreplaceable publicity effect of packaging advertising. In this regard, silk printing has great advantages and potential, but people have not found its development value. The development of this project undoubtedly has bright prospects

it is very easy to use four-color silk printing to print color super large packaging and product shell. The development of large-scale color silk printing has added bright colors to the products for the color image decoration of the outer packaging of super large color cartons and the shell of large electrical products. The development of this project has brilliant prospects

third, printing of electronic products still occupies an absolute advantage

in the electronic industry, the share of silk printing technology is as high as 90%. For example, the production of a TV set requires a lot of silk printing technology, such as switches, operation panels, display screens, image anti-corrosion, printed circuit boards and so on. It can be said that there is no TV without silk printing. Jinan assaying system adopts stepper motor to regulate the distance between discharge ball gaps. The ball gap conditioning unit of Cologne mass flowmeter is mainly composed of PLC, stepper motor driver, stepper motor, adjustable ball gap and so on The specific working principle is: the adjustable ball gap is fixed on the ball screw, and the ball screw and the stepper are fixed on the same axis Machine, there will be no electrical products, it can also be said that without silk printing technology, the aviation, navigation and aerospace industries will not be developed. The LCD screen of super large and ultra-thin wall mounted TV, which represents the future development trend, must also be printed with silk. The importance of silk printing can be seen

silk printed integrated circuit, abbreviated as IC, is a circuit with very small volume and very light weight. The so-called integration refers to how many transistors can be made on a certain size chip. Now 16 megabits and 64 megabits have been solved, and ioo megabits will soon be commercialized. In recent years, the United States, Japan, Britain and other countries are developing the sixth generation computer, which will have the same functions as human brain, such as thinking, analysis, judgment, and fuzzy information processing. The thick and thin IC used in this kind of computer is made by using silk printing thick film technology. Its conductors, electrodes, dielectrics, resistors, and resistance protective layers are all made by silk printing process. We can say that silk printing technology is not only a high-tech technology, but also the products produced by silk printing directly serve high technology

IV. printing technology tends to be high-tech

with the rapid development of contemporary science and technology, computer and electronic scanning technology have penetrated into various fields, forming the intersection and integration of science and technology and industry technology. Fast, modern and high-quality products have become the goal of modern people. Under the impact of this wave of science and technology, the prepress system in the printing field has undergone a leap forward change. In printing, the original collection, image processing, color separation and plate making are all replaced by the color desktop system, which is fast and accurate, showing modern characteristics. The development of this technology will undoubtedly push the silk printing plate making technology to a higher level

led by leading enterprises

direct thermal wax template imaging by computer without base plate: in the late 1990s, with the continuous maturity of computer digital processing technology, a major technological revolution is being caused in printing technology. This is computer film free direct plate making CTP, also known as digital direct plate making preparation. In short, it is to spray a coating directly through the computer, form an image on the template, and then print and develop. This is the direct scanning plate making imaging, the angle of its point and the thickness of the spraying material. Thickness, density, exposure and other programs are designed by computer in advance, and then directly scanned for plate making, and then printed and developed. This new method of plate making has the following characteristics: it reduces the plate making process and achieves the purpose of rapid plate making, which is to save film, prevent pollution and improve quality

now there is another method of template direct imaging plate making. Instead of applying photosensitive glue, the silk screen plate is coated with a chemical coating without spraying hot wax. Instead, the computer is used to directly scan the template l of the sprayed chemical material. According to the original image, the computer scans the template, and then flush the chemical material with water to image. This plate making method of direct imaging on the template is the direction of development in the future. Another method of direct imaging plate making is to directly use computer scanning laser imaging on a special metal platform gold film. Silk and photosensitive glue can be omitted without complex stretching process. The template made by this plate making method has no deformation, alignment and high printing accuracy, which is the direction of development in the future

v. development trend of silk printing equipment in China

at present, the printing equipment in China is basically equipped with medium and low-grade manual small equipment. The annual sales volume is 300million yuan. The annual sales volume of imported printing equipment is about 200million yuan

in the 1990s, representative silk screen printing machines were introduced abroad. For example, the maximum speed of the drum type single page printer can reach 3600 prints per hour. The computer-controlled six color automatic silk printing machine with a format of zm*4m produced by American M r company can print 50O large-scale outdoor advertisements per hour. In contrast, China is still in a relatively backward state

by studying the development process and current situation of foreign silk printing technology, we can conclude that with the development and popularization of digital printing, it will play a great role in the modern silk printing equipment, technology and process in the 21st century. And will continue to innovate, will gradually replace the backward silk printing equipment to win a broader market

VI. development trend of printing ink

generally speaking, the categories of silk screen printing inks produced in China are relatively complete, and some of them are of good quality, which should be said to develop rapidly. The annual output is about 120000 tons and the output value is 3.6 billion yuan. The problem is that the proportion of solvent based ink solvent accounts for 60%. When drying, the solvent will volatilize in the air, so the pollution is serious

at present, the degree of automation of domestic printing ink production is poor. Computers are widely used in ink manufacturing process in developed countries, which not only makes the ink production management scientific, but also accelerates the speed of ink technology research and development and product upgrading

at present, China uses high-quality and high-precision printing inks and special-purpose inks, and almost all four-color additive inks and UV inks are imported, with an annual import volume of about 600million yuan. Therefore, the application and development of CO printing ink has infinite bright prospects. Therefore, printing ink factories should develop inks with corresponding fineness, fluidity, viscosity and other characteristics according to different printing materials and process requirements of different industries, which is an important way to improve the quality of CO printing products and expand the field of CO printing. In particular, from the perspective of environmental protection requirements and use requirements, water-based inks in China have a promising future and need to be vigorously developed

in a word, we should be knowledgeable and information-based for the century. Networking and digitalization have become the main features of the new economy. It will bring unprecedented development opportunities to the silk printing industry. With the development of knowledge, information and digitalization, and the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for printing products are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, Indian enterprises should naturally focus on high-tech investment. As an entrepreneur, it is undoubtedly strategic to shift the investment focus to knowledge economy and high-tech industries

silk printing has its unique charm and its own characteristics, such as universal, special printing, widely used, etc. So that it has a strong vitality, development potential and development space. However, in terms of the current situation in China, from equipment to materials, from plate making technology to printing and post press processing are in a relatively backward state, and have not formed a large-scale and modern. Therefore, the printing industry must be higher

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