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With the continuous innovation of silk printing technology and the continuous development of market personalized needs, the application field of silk printing has also been continuously expanded because of its potential harm to human body, from being able to be discharged out of the body through metabolism or infiltration; Most of the traditional textile and clothing wastes are packaged in the situation of supply and demand docking, and the emerging touch screen, solar energy, glass, PCB and other industries continue to develop, in which the continuous expansion of application fields is promoting the new journey of silk screen printing step by step. In this process, the emergence of many demands and standards for high efficiency, environmental protection, energy conservation, and special printing are guiding the transition of the silk screen special printing industry from manual and semi-automatic processing to fully automatic and precision machinery, so as to achieve a larger scale and higher level of product application. As one of the most important equipment in the screen printing industry, the development of screen printing machine technology plays an inestimable role in this process

On the one hand, the development of silk screen printing machine is promoting the rapid development of silk screen printing manufacturing industry, on the other hand, it is inseparable from the printing technology: the fierce market competition has led to the rapid development of silk screen printing technology, the increase of chromatic number, and the continuous improvement of printing accuracy, which have put forward higher requirements for silk screen printing equipment. Only by improving the research and development level and design innovation, can we keep up with the requirements of the market. On the other hand, how to give full play to the maximum benefits of screen printing equipment is also closely related to the professionalism of operators. Therefore, under the premise of continuous innovation of screen printing machine technology, it is necessary to find a large number of professionals how to choose fixture talents, which is also one of the important problems faced by the screen printing industry

the integration of upstream and downstream resources and the transformation of dynamic environment have put forward new requirements for equipment development. Leading enterprises in the industry are investing more capital and personnel energy to develop new technologies, so that new products have a qualitative leap in some performance

once these new products are developed and put into production, it will greatly affect the industrialization process, and many imminent problems may be solved. For example, to improve the high-speed and automation of products and reduce labor, many machines have been continuously developed from digital program control, operability, automatic feeding, transmission, prepress, post press and other procedures to ensure accuracy, convenient and fast conversion, and even personalized customization by customers, design customized equipment, etc. In addition, we have developed a rotary screen printing machine that saves a certain step of the process, developed a more efficient screen printing machine, so that many parameters such as scraper pressure, speed and angle can be read immediately and programmed. When printing repeated copies, we can repeat the output according to the program, and ensure the accurate use of production data in the whole process from prepress preparation to printing. Silk printing will certainly get greater development. China's silk printing will develop in depth and breadth in the future. It refers to the advancement to a high level of high technology. Computer design, plate making, electronic engraving and other industries have long been widely used in the international silk printing industry. And China has begun to flourish in these new technologies; Guang is to develop new silk printing products, such as large advertising printing, precision circuit board printing, touch screen printing, etc. Therefore, China's silk printing machine equipment will make a leap forward in terms of equipment, technology and scale

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