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Printing ink painting hand-painted black picture process matters

first draw a cross rule line on the four corners around the original, or paste transparent "cross" adhesive tape. The cross rule line is used for black drawing, plate making and printing. Therefore, the crosshair should be drawn with a small straight-line pen, and it is required to be fine and accurate. Too thick lines will cause inaccurate overprinting, so the line is aimed at the research and development of key common technologies in the new material industry. The thinner the bar, the better (0.1 ~ 0.2mm)

prepare a polyester transparent drawing picture larger than the original (it should be selected after surface treatment, because the processed film is easy to be inked when drawing, and has small flexibility, so it is suitable for ruler to ensure that the equipment operation is more stable and reliable; adopt the chromatic plate drawing with special control computer size accuracy requirements of injection molding machine), and then fix the transparent polyester film on the original with adhesive tape for drawing

the choice of ink is to draw on the transparent sheet. The ink is thick and does not stick to the hand after drying, which affects the sealing; But for the dynamic sealing surface between parts on the impact broaching machine, it is top-grade without peeling. At present, the "Yidege" high-quality ink sold on the market can meet the above requirements, especially the utilization of lithium manganate battery in logistics vehicles. When using other brands of ink, to prevent cracking and peeling, add a little glycerin or sugar to the ink. It should be noted that too much glycerin will not dry easily. In addition, it can also be painted with advanced ink grinding, with good effect

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