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Printing market and development trend (III)

this new plate making machine has the following characteristics: (1) it reduces the plate making process to achieve the purpose of rapid plate making. (2) Save film, no need to go through electrical division or Phototypesetting to make text and image plates, which not only saves the processes of film drying, punching and developing, but also prevents the quality problems caused by film wear and dot level loss because there is no need for film. (3) For multicolor screen printing, template positioning can be carried out automatically. (4) Spray the image with hot wax soluble in water. After exposure, the hot wax can be washed off with water. (5) It can make silk plates of various mesh numbers. According to the function of the computer, the template can be large or small, and the principle of spraying is the same. (6) This direct plate making method avoids dust pollution, pores and other undesirable phenomena in the conventional plate making process

3.3 computer template direct imaging

now there is another template direct imaging method. Instead of coating with photosensitive glue, the silk plate is coated with a chemical coating without spraying hot wax. Instead, the computer is used to directly scan the template of the sprayed chemical material according to the original image, and then flush the chemical material with water to image. This plate making method of direct imaging on the template is the direction of development in the future

another method of direct imaging plate making is to directly use computer scanning laser imaging on a special metal alloy. Silk and photosensitive glue can be eliminated without complex stretching process. This plate making method builds and publishes templates made by using the monitoring index of China's ship production capacity, which is not deformed, aligned and has high printing accuracy. It is the direction of development in the future

4 silk printing will have more markets

digital printing technology has revolutionized the printing plate making and printing process, and the competition for silk printing is very fierce. Although digital pressureless printing has also taken away part of the printing market, digital printing cannot replace printing. Because silk printing has the advantages that other printing cannot replace, printing has a competitive advantage compared with other printing

at present, silk printing is a very common printing process, which is the most widely used method for printing on various shapes and materials, so it makes silk printing develop all over the world. Due to the universality of silk printing substrate materials and the rapid research and development of printing machinery, ink and other consumables, silk printing has played an advantage in the competition with flexographic printing and offset printing. China's printing industry will continue to develop at a sustained high speed. High speed, high efficiency, high productivity, flexibility and diversification are still the themes of the 1990s. With the further deepening of China's reform and opening-up policy, the living standards of 1.2 billion people have generally improved, and the purchasing power will continue to rise. It is expected that China will become the world's largest printing market by 2005. There is no doubt that silk printing will be in this market, so remember to be careful when choosing. There are many opportunities

4.1 silk printing will have more opportunities in commercial advertisements

China's consumer brand awareness is gradually strengthened, and some large companies, especially electrical companies, cigarette and wine companies, can't ignore this. The timeliness and quality of advertising determine the market share of the company to a certain extent. Electrical advertising, packaging advertising, outdoor advertising, solid advertising, signs, credit cards, children's toy product advertising, provide a broad space for the silk printing factory, but also requires that the products of the silk printing factory must be of good quality, new technology and timely supply

in business competition, large outdoor advertisements are valued because of their wide vision and good effect. Therefore, with the development of commodity advertising, China's large format color advertising has increasingly shown its technical advantages such as large batch, low price, bright colors, long storage life and fast delivery. It has been recognized by more and more planning departments and advertising management departments in large and medium-sized cities, and has attracted many advertisers. Walking around Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Kunming and other cities, especially the subway channels in Beijing, large paintings and colorful advertisements can be seen everywhere. No wonder domestic large format color printers and supporting equipment are in short supply

because the silk printing industry basically serves the consumer industry, it is obvious that China has a large population and a large consumer market. Due to the gradual improvement of living standards and the gradual emphasis on famous brand products, China is the largest market for printing advertising in the world, and also determines that the potential market for Chinese printing commercials is huge. In the next 10 years, China's printing commercials will continue to develop at a high speed

4.2 silk printing shows great vitality in the packaging industry

in recent years, the silk printing industry has occupied a certain market. Many offset printing plants have added printing equipment to the original equipment, giving full play to the two advantages of offset printing and printing. Large scale packaging printing has also promoted the development of the packaging industry

according to the information provided by authoritative institutions, the Asian packaging market is developing rapidly. Among many Asian countries, China's packaging industry has grown the fastest, with an annual growth rate of 20% - 30% since 1990. At this rate, by 2000, China's total packaging output value will reach 27-28 billion US dollars. There is no doubt that the continuous development and application of silk printing technology and equipment will better serve the packaging and decoration industry, contribute to the more prosperity of the packaging and printing industry, and bring a broader market to the silk printing industry

it is understood that with the rapid development of China's packaging industry and the increasing requirements of domestic and foreign markets and consumers for product packaging, the proportion of silk printing application in packaging will continue to grow, and its application field has changed from printing self-adhesive trademarks. Signs, etc. are expanded to print high-precision and stable voltage references and high-precision digital to analog converters, high-end packaging boxes and bottles, especially cigarette bags and wine bags

in terms of packaging design, silk printing can be designed by computer, and PKU founder and Huaguang have mature technology in packaging design. Indian enterprises will use these new technologies to adjust the structure and give full play to Indian advantages, which will occupy more packaging markets

4.3 printing of electronic products still occupies an absolute advantage

in the electronic industry, the share of silk printing technology is as high as 90%. For example, the production of a TV requires a lot of silk printing technology, such as switches, operation panels, etc. silk printing technology is also required, such as the display screen and image anti-corrosion technology. Printed circuit boards cannot be separated from silk printing, and there is no TV without silk printing. TV is very important to life, so the importance of silk printing can be seen

wire printing technology is still needed for super large and ultra-thin TVs and LCD screens that represent the future development trend. At the turn of the century, we will enter the era of multi coal. The commercialization of large flat panel display devices such as plasma display panel (POP) and plasma logo liquid crystal display (PALC) is unfolding, and its development in China is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, which is increasingly inseparable from silk printing

4.4 silk printing technology has been applied to the decoration market, such as glass decoration printing, interior decoration painting printing, carpet and flocking products printing

in a word, silk printing has strong vitality, development potential and development space because of its unique charm and its own characteristics: omnipotence, special printing, wide application, etc. However, in terms of the current situation in China, from equipment to materials, from technology to plate making and printing, they are in a relatively backward state, and have not formed a large-scale and modern. Therefore, we must focus on high-tech elements, closely focus on our own characteristics and advantages, develop our strengths and circumvent our weaknesses, develop rapidly in the overall printing climate, and continue to innovate, replacing the traditional backward silk printing equipment, materials and processes with advanced equipment, materials and processes full of scientific and technological strength. Make the printing technology shine again, create greater economic value, develop wider application fields, and make China's printing technology stride into the 21st century with a brand-new face

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