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Silk printing is a good choice to start a business and get rich

as a printing technology, silk printing has been regarded as an efficient, economical and practical process. Silk printing has pollution-free, electrical parts, including the composition of load measurement system and deformation measurement system, with small investment, quick effect, simple equipment technology, convenient operation, wide application range, exquisite printing, not limited to one grid, etc. E) according to the use, it has the characteristics of general-purpose machine (Universal machine) and special-purpose machine. More and more job seekers are optimistic about silk printing and have embarked on the road of silk printing

so, what is silk printing? Line printing is one of the four major printing techniques that complement and promote each other with printing methods such as lithography, gravure and embossment. It is referred to as printing, silk screen printing, also known as silk screen leakage, which is called printing in the printing industry

What are the advantages of silk printing

I. The application scope of silk printing is very wide

1. Business services: posters, posters, self-adhesive trademarks, certificates of conformity, signs, flags, cloth labels, banners, business cards, greeting cards, magnetic cards, signs, signs, advertising light boxes, pop signs, hangtags, etc

2. Daily necessities: toys, schoolbags, handbags, clothes, ties, gloves, shoes and hats, socks, sportswear, vests, handkerchiefs, shirts, napkins, towels, aprons, quilt covers, pillows, sheets, bed circumference, tablecloths, curtains, door curtains, bags, umbrellas, sofa towels, TV covers, air conditioning covers, convenience bags, cosmetic bottles, beverage bottles, wine bottles, tea cups, wallpaper, lacquerware, mirror plaques, etc

3. Industrial production: wall and floor tiles, decorative glass, ceramic decals, cloth printing, home appliance casings, computer keys, keys, instrument panels, instrument dials, circuit boards, thick film integrated circuits, touch film switches, liquid crystal displays, credit cards, vision charts, cartons, cartons, woven bags, etc

4. Cultural goods: awards, brocade flags, ribbons, brush props, Braille books and periodicals, stationery, cover of leather books, T-Shirts, Spring Festival couplets, kites, lanterns, paper fans, balloons, celebrity calligraphy and paintings, decorative cloth paintings and various tourist souvenirs, etc

second, silk printing has small investment and quick effect, which can bring significant economic benefits.

in recent years, with the continuous application of new technologies, new equipment and new materials in the modern printing industry, practitioners face a variety of printing businesses. From small lighters to large outdoor advertising light boxes, silk printing shows many visual artistic effects and special functions that offset printing, gravure printing and embossing processes cannot achieve. With its unique advantages, silk printing has filled many gaps in the printing field, and also brought significant economic benefits to people engaged in printing

because silk printing is not limited by the size, material and shape of the substrate, the printing methods are flexible and diverse, and the plate making equipment is simple, convenient and rapid. Oneortwo people can complete the plate making and put it into printing in oneortwo hours, which is very suitable for the ever-changing modern market, especially for businesses with small batch, urgent delivery time and special requirements for special printing products. The most attractive thing is that silk printing has small investment, quick effect, high efficiency and no risk. A friend of the author inadvertently contracted the printing business of a company's advertising vest three years ago. He asked others to make a positive and negative version, and bought a scraper and printing materials. The total investment was less than 50 yuan. In one day, he and his wife completed the printing business of 1000 vests and received a processing fee of 500 yuan. This unexpected success made him fall in love with silk printing at first sight. From then on, it was impossible to receive it. Now he has developed a comprehensive printing factory

third, the silk printing operation is convenient, and the process is simple and easy to learn.

it can be seen that the silk printing project is very distinctive. The silk printing industry is developed by technology. As long as you work, it will be difficult to change your profession in this life. People who haven't done silk printing think it's too easy and simple to see others scratch the plate with a scraper and print different pictures and texts. It's no big deal. Most of the people who are really engaged in silk printing have gone through a brain racking process for quality problems. Because there are too many fields involved in silk printing, and unexpected substrates are often encountered, and all kinds of silk, ink and other materials used are often non standardized. In practical application, everyone has his own set of experience. If you want to learn and master silk printing technology, you must operate it yourself

everyone who is engaged in printing will have such an exclamation that silk printing can be so earthy that it can no longer be earthy, so foreign that it is unimaginable. From the perspective of technology, to establish a complete small printing factory, we should have three basic links: negative production, printing plate production and printing. Negative production is to decompose the black self or color patterns required by users into corresponding positive pictures by manual drawing or microcomputer typesetting and color separation. The process of making a printing plate is stretching, gluing, printing, cleaning and drying, and drying the pictures and texts on the negative into a silk printing plate. The implementation of printing process includes ink dispensing, printing, drying, etc

the production process of silk printing includes from the original design to the production of silk screen printing plate, selecting and configuring ink or coating to print the substrate on the plate through the ink scraper. We call the plate, ink, scraper, substrate and support device as the five elements of the printing production process. In the initial stage, after the plate making is completed, as long as a workbench is placed in the room to position the plate and substrate, you can manually run the plate printing. If the monochrome printing is completed at one time, the multi-color printing can be carried out and color overprint can be carried out after positioning processing

starting from the color block plane printing, the product qualification rate can be as high as 95%. The rise and fall of the printing plate, feeding, printing, receiving, etc. can be completed manually by 1 ~ 2 people, which is very suitable for family work. A unique advantage of silk printing process is that manual silk printing can start from a few hundred yuan. You can start business by purchasing or purchasing simple equipment and printing materials for plate making and printing. The single printing business can be operated with only a few dozen yuan of investment. In a very short time, no matter the size of the investment, it will get ideal income and return. As the printing range of silk printing is very wide, we will encounter printing products at any time and place by chance. There should be opportunities and conditions for the contracting business, and most of them are the processing of the test function of the incoming steel strand deflection tensile testing machine. There are almost no risks and hidden dangers of failure. It is undoubtedly a good choice for rural farmers to get rich or the Second Entrepreneurship of urban laid-off workers

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